A letter from founder

Our mission is to do something, that nobody did before and to solve problems, that are truly important, but had yet to be resolved. We are happy to pursue our goals with Intelligence, Love, Creativity and Focus.

To actualize our mission, we are providing our customers with powerful and innovative tools, which helped them to empower any of their ideas, but were not available to them before. We only work in the fields, we could have the most impact on and provide the greatest value for our customers.

We have created products, that fulfill the needs of millions of people and have had a tremendous impact on our society. Now, we are more than ever willing to help you too, to achieve great results by connecting a wide range of our skills and passion together with your ideas and creativity.

Our deep knowledge and expertise comes from practical experience of applying our concepts on scale and experimenting with them in a lot of different environments and scenarios.

We strongly believe, that our products should be accessible to everyone and we are proud to have the ability to share our fundamental beliefs together with our community and many independent experts and investors all over the world and to be able to make our mission come true, as the part of our company.

Thank you for helping us building a brighter future.


Kirill Orsky Oleg Morozenkov Dominik Farakhutdinov Sergey Goncharov Egor Metlitsky Yury Golubev Nikita Kulikov Marina Popova Kirill Chakhlov Sanya Gusev Roma Prokazov Bull Narinsky Fyodor Arsyutov Roman Anufriev Matvey Gribovich Dmitry Sunrich Sergey Babkov Maxim Shipulin Rita Sokolova Lesha Kotik Pavel Kot Vlad Kus Kolya Borisov Slava Azimov Sasha Kor Nikita Pavlov Andrey Karaulschikov Misha Dunaev Kirill Sidenyov Alisa Seleznyova Ivan Ivanov Tyoma Lapin Nikolay Bartenev Dima Hrebeniuk Oleg Zuev Oleg Karlovsky Stepan Popov Rizvan Nukhtarov Leonid Moscow Max Marchenko Ruslan Sadykov Vlad Vasilyev Petya Kadabeldov Anton Yablonsky Ilya Filippov Mish Ushakov Mikhail Grigoryev Alexander Viktorovich Alexey Ivanov Mikhail Kireev Chyorny Korol Kirill Shtraykher




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